The Finck family

I don’t even know where to start for this post. I am sure my pregnant hormones took over by now but when I was asked to do family photos for Julie and her beautiful family (which I am happy to say is also my extended family) I was more than happy to do it!! Julie is also a photographer and the mother to 2 cute little guys. A few months ago Julie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and during our back and forth conversation of basically me crying over my phone while texting her, she asked me to do family photos for her and her family before she started treatment. Oh my word, I still get emotional thinking about it. How on earth does this happen to such an amazing young person??!! Well Julie is one of the strongest, positive and most optimistic girls that I know!! She has true strength not only within herself but also through the support of her family and friends! This doesn’t make it right that it has happened to her but her strength and determination through it all has truly been inspiring, and puts a lot of perspective on life!! I did ask her if it was okay that I talk about this on their post and she of course said it was fine, and I also asked if there was anything that she would want me to say about it and she did: Check yourself out today:

Don’t take life for granted! I know that it is so easy for us all to get wrapped up in the mundane day to day life, but try to take a minute and bring yourself back to what is important, family!! Weather it is a husband/wife, kids, fur babies a boyfriend/girlfriend, parents/grandparents, friends whoever it may be take care of them and take care of yourself! So do yourself a favor and visit the site she suggested!

Julie you are amazing!! You really are an inspiration to a lot of people! Love you!

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