Manny and Harp are Married!!

This post has been a long time coming and because I am officially finished work photos I now have some time to catch up on my personal photos. I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to a good friend’s Wedding this past summer and I loved every minute of the week long celebration! I can’t believe how many events there are and how exhausted the Bride and Groom must be by the end but it is so beautiful!

I have a new found respect for photographers and videographers who shoot Indian Weddings. There is so much coverage and so many beautiful moments that happen that my hat is off to you! I didn’t snap too many photos as I really tried to just enjoy every moment as it happened instead of constantly being behind the camera but I couldn’t help myself to snap a few 😉

I think my favorite part was getting the Henna done. I can’t believe how quickly they can do it and no 2 are the same. Especially Mandeep’s, hers was just beautiful and I don’t feel like my photos do it any justice!

Home made Naan bread?! YES PLEASE!!! And it was delish!

Mandeep was just Stunning!!

And of course the team! 🙂

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