Family means everything!

Well I am finally getting around to posting these photos. They were only taken almost a year ago when the family went down to Seattle to spend the holiday’s there. It is very rare that our entire family is all together at one time and because I am normally the one behind the camera we hired a fantastic Seattle based photographer Melissa Shaw!! (If you are ever in the area or live in the area and looking for a fantastic photographer Melissa is your girl!!) She captured our family perfect! There are so many good ones here and every time I look through them I find more favorites! If I lived in Seattle Melissa and I would be friends for sure, she was so easy to talk to and we actually have so much in common!

It is too often that we let those moments pass us without truly appreciating what it is. My business has opened my eyes to a lot of things but most of all the value of family. We tend to take those moments for granted, or we are just too busy to take 2 hours out of our day to share with the people we love. This is something that I am really trying to work at, make family a priority! And if you don’t already you should too! 🙂 Get out this weekend and visit a family member that you have been meaning to or call a loved one that isn’t in the city, you will either see their smile from ear to ear or you will be able to hear it over the phone!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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