The Metcalfe’s

I went from blogging almost everyday to catch up to not one blog this week. It really did feel like something was missing 🙂 I will have 2 weddings to blog next week, but for now I have an awesome family session to post! Sam has been a friend since I was a baby, their whole family has been part of my life ever since we were in diapers. I actually think that Sam, Jenn and myself actually have one of those embarrassing tub photos from when we were kids. Don’t get too excited I’m not going to post that photo!


When Sam asked me to do a family session for the Metcalfe side of the family I couldn’t resist to hang out with them for an afternoon. Taking their photos didn’t even seem like work! Everyone was so much fun and up for anything I asked!! Here are just a few from their session:

Note: No persons were harmed in this session 😉

Update! Jenn and Tim have since welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the family!


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