Seattle Trip 2011

On a bit of a personal note, now that I have actually had some time to go through and edit my personal photos. Here are a couple from our road trip this summer.

Oh the Freemont Troll. I probably could have spent the whole day here, just painting different stories in my head.

This photo was taken just right before it turned pitch black at The Locks. It was such a great place to just wander around and play with the camera.

If you have never had an Almond Roca you haven’t lived yet! I think that you can get them at Costco but we were intoduced to them by our Brother-In-Law in the US a few years ago. Since then we have been hooked!! Luckily the factory is only about a 10 minute drive from their house in Tacoma, WA and it is all fresh AND discounted!!

We found this cute little cafe while we were wandering around downtown Seattle. It had a loft as well as coffee and books, both of which are heaven for Mark and I, plus they were playing local music over the speakers. I loved just sitting there enjoying the surroundings while sipping my coffee. I wish that I remembered the name of this place.

I just love old signs!

We had gone into some clothing store and they had a wall of old vintage sewing machines. I was so glad that I had my camera with me so I could take a couple shots. Yes I am that girl who would rather take photos than shop, especially when it comes to fashion. My Sister is the best at this so I just get her to help me out 🙂 She has a blog on fashion trends called Styleista.

The Crab Pot was on our hit list along with another burger joint that was on Man vs Food but we only made it to The Crab Pot which was awesome!! The chicken even tasted like fish! 🙂 If you know me at all I am not a big lover of fish BUT I did try the crab cakes and we had to order another plate because I ate them ALL. Poor Mark. The food was delicious and I would go back just to eat the crab cakes.

Next blog to come is my favorites from 2011, it is going to be a long one but you won’t want to miss it!!

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